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Meet Facundo Scordo, the New GSA Leader!

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The GLEON Student Association (GSA) welcomes Facundo Scordo as the new co-chair elect. He has a background in Environmental Sciences and is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate in the Geography department at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina. Facundo was elected to the new leadership role in February 2014 and is expected to take the co-chair position, after the G16 meeting in 2014, and the chair position, after the G17 meeting in 2015. Congratulations, Facundo!

Photo: Facundo Scordo.

Facundo Scordo is the first GSA leader to be appointed from South America and a non-English speaking nation.

Facundo was among a strong group of candidates that the GSA leadership election committee received, but he stood out by successfully demonstrating his talent, knowledge and enthusiasm in GLEON projects, GSA concepts, and leadership. His engaging character promises his success in carrying out network science, and his new ideas and scientific motivation will lead GLEON GSA into the future.

He is the first GSA leader to be appointed from South America and a non-English speaking nation, inspiring GLEON and the GSA to continue to broaden and improve our international connections with GLEON students.

Facundo studies under the direction of GLEON members Cintia Piccolo and Gerardo Perillo and is working on several projects under his Ph.D. director’s supervision at IADO (Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía). His study interests include lakes as sentinels of climate change, remote sensing, numerical modeling and visualization of lake processes. As part of his Ph.D. project, he studies lakes across South America, from the Pacific coast of Chile to the Atlantic coast of Argentina. His research focuses on the Senguer River basins, specifically studying climate change and anthropogenic effects on the evolution of the Colhúe Huapí and Muster Lakes.

Facundo has been involved in GLEON since the GLEON 15 meeting in 2013, held in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. During G15, he acted as a part of the host team and supported GSA activities and many other events. In that meeting, Facundo started working with GLEON scientific projects by taking part in the Climate Sentinels and Lake Metabolism working groups.

He is also involved in the SAFER (Sensing the American Freshwater Ecosystem Risk from climate change) project, which studies the evolution of the lakes and associated watersheds and their effects on the surrounding biological communities. He is motivated to become a bridge between GLEON and the SAFER network, by representing the SAFER project and South American students.


  1. Kohji Muraoka says:

    Welcome aboard Facu!

  2. Lucy Crockford says:

    That’s great news! Deserving person on the team as he was such a help last year…enjoy!

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