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Newsletter issue 6 summary

This is a summary of the Newsletter issue 6

Bonjour! The GLEON 16th meeting is approaching next week. This issue covers multiple GLEON related projects, including the PRAGMA-GLEON Expedition (1) (2), SAFER project, and NETLAKE project. Many of these topics may come up in discussions during the meeting, and we encourage you to check out the articles to learn more about the recent activities of the projects. If you are new to GLEON, you might like to read the COCLAKE (Carbon Cycling on Lakes) project post, which features the “Network Partnership Program (NPP)” in which the majority of GLEON attendees have participated and enjoyed in the past.

If you are participating in the G16 meeting, we wish you safe travels, and look forward to seeing you all soon!

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Newsletter issue 5 summary

This is a summary of the Newsletter issue 5

Welcome to the new GLEON blog, an online platform intended to share GLEON-related news, science, and events. To inform GLEON members when new posts have been added to the blog, we are sending out a regular email Newsletter with summaries of the most recent articles posted to the blog. Each article contains a link to the full article accessed at For the blog, we welcome contributions from all GLEON members. If you have any GLEON-related news, science, or events you would like to share, please contact any member of the GSA leaders or the blog managers: We look forward to hearing from you and sharing all things GLEON!


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GLEON GSA Newsletter Links

The GLEON Graduate Student Association (GSA) previously produced four issues of a newsletter before moving to this blog platform. Here are links to past issues of the GLEON GSA newsletter. Legacy!